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Chrome ,Mozilla Extensions Not working in Sandbox

Hello All,

Chrome and Mozilla extension are not working in my Sandbox,I'm cracking my head from past 2 days but I'm not able to find the solution am i missing any thing in profile level or user level settings..? previously I didn't face this type of issue in any sandbox and it's working perfect in Developer edition,Piece of help would be very greatful.

Chrome Extension LInk :https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce-advanced-code/lnkgcmpjkkkeffambkllliefdpjdklmi?hl=en-US

Thanks in Advance...

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Hi Venkat,

It sounds obvious, but did you try re installing the extension?

Krishna Avva
Hello Krishna,

Thanks for the reply, Multiple time I have reinstalled the extension, still no luck. What look's different is on other sandboxes and in my Developer Edition, it works well. I hope it's not the issue.

Dhananjaya Deevi 20Dhananjaya Deevi 20
Im also facing similar problem. Is this resolved for you @Venkat?