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Business administration specialist superbadge Challenge #2

Hi all,
I'm currently facing a problem while attempting to "
For this pilot, provide Shinje Tashi access to the Language Preference field without modifying his profile. Name the solution you create for extending access Bilingual Pilot. After creating Lincoln, Lance, and Erin, make Shinje Tashi active to complete this requirement."
However, I am unable to locate the Language Preference field.

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Hello Wayne,

Did you create the new picklist field for 'Language Preference' on Account object?
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Christine viploChristine viplo
This challenge was a good example of what happens when you don't read all of the instructions first.  I missed Shinje's data needs, where Lance grew up, and that only Lance should view Salesforce in Spanish.  As an English-only speaker, it's tough to switch your org back to English from Spanish clean master (https://www.cleanmaster.onl/
praveenkumar gudisapraveenkumar gudisa
How to add picklist on Account object So, please tell me step by step procedure