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Andrew GAndrew G 

FSL - what fires the Auto Create feature in Work Type?


Playing with Work Types and the Auto Create feature.  I know there is a check box to tick which will auto create the Service Appointments.
However, I have a need to generate multiple Service Appointments for a single Work Order.  The multiple appointments will have the same parameters as a crew will come together to do that particular piece of work.  (Note: the Service Crew feature in FSL does not meet the needs of the business).

Now, I have played with Process Builder to action this, but I get unusual results when the auto create feature is enabled.  (And yes, we do need the auto create feature for other business processes).
In process builder I can populate the address for the Work Order from the Case, and then address to Service Appointment from Work Order.  I can get the multiple service appointments by using the recursive feature of the Process Builder. 
However, if I set the WorkType to a type with Auto Create, I get extra Service Appointments and/or Service Appointments without addresses.

So, the question is, in the execution process of events, (i.e. before trigger, after triggers, process builder...etc), where does the Auto Create feature kick in ?  It is obviously part of the managed package and can't be viewed by us mere mortals, but it is happening, but when/where?
And a slight aside, when does the standard field Service Appointment Count (in Work Order) populate in that series of events?  As understanding that may also provide an option for a solution.

Part of the reason for asking is that I am looking to take this to a trigger, but I'm thinking i may run into the same issues there.