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Harshal Kulkarni 15Harshal Kulkarni 15 

entity type ActivityHistory does not support query

Hi All,

When I have tried to execute the query as 
        "Select Id, Subject from ActivityHistory"

in 'Query Editor' from the developer console in the context of 'System Administrator'.

After executing the query, I got the error as  "entity type ActivityHistory does not support query"

Can anybody will help me how to solve this error?

Meghna Vijay 7Meghna Vijay 7
Hi Harshal,

It is not queryable . Please go through this link:-


Parmanand PathakParmanand Pathak
Directly it is not possible but through subquery you can do this - 
Select Name, (Select Subject,ActivityType from ActivityHistories) from contact

Parmanand Pathak
tony smith 35tony smith 35
Very nice and thanks for sharing the information.

Joshi Bhavya 5Joshi Bhavya 5
Hi @Parmanand Pathak,
I agree with your point. It's not directly accessible but with the code, It can be.
Thanks for the solution I have tried and it's working.

Josh from https://krogerfeedbacksurvey.biz