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Chris WollastonChris Wollaston 

Formula which returns when all email outbound owners are the same as the case owner

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help me with a rather odd request.

I know it's not the done thing, but sometimes we'll have advisors pick up other advisor's cases if they're absent (say for example the owner is on holiday or sick) and reply to a customer in order to close the case.

As part of our Email QA, we run a custom report which looks at all of the cases which were opened and closed in the current week. The only issue is that it is sometimes bringing up cases where there is more than one advisor sending an email.

Does anyone know of a formula which would prevent this happening please? I'm assuming it would be a formula on the case itself which would then set a tickbox field to be true if all of the email senders are equal to the case owner, then find the value to be true, but I'm all out of talent now :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
SFDC Prime SquadSFDC Prime Squad
Hi Chris,

Looks like a tricky requirement but let's try it.

Let's assume that you have all the outgoing emails under EmailMessage related list on Case record. Let's create a workflow rule and write back email message owner field back on the case, in the field update action you can probably put a filter based on owner name or ID.

Not really sure about system limitations but please try this approach and let us know if you get stuck.

Chris WollastonChris Wollaston
Sorry, you'll have to help me with this as I'm not really a SF Dev. I kind of understand how this would work, and you'd need a field update with a formula of {!email.owner}, but am I right in saying that this would only work if the last person to send an email from the case was the original case owner. If the original case owner then sends another email from the case, it would overwrite this field and thus make the field redundant.

Following on from your idea, maybe a tickbox which is based on the field above which is only run once where case owner is not equal to email owner sets value to true, and the report would would for instances where that tickbox is false?