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Connor ScottConnor Scott 

Email alert through workflow won't create links

Greetings everyone,
     I recently created a process to automatically create service contract records whenever an oportunity is set to 'closed won', and then to notify the tech lead in charge of the project using an email alert. The email is supposed to contain a link to the created record. The email template itself contains a working link for service contracts, but when the tech lead gets the email alert, the link doesnt appear.

     Does anyone have any advice for getting this to work? I would greatly appreciate any insight on the matter.

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Hi Connor,

When you create the email template then you can specify the link in the template by using the Detail link field from the insert merge field section and then whenever te workflow is exceuted and it will send the email template it wil contain the link of that record.

When you edit the template, select the object followed by field as 'Detail Link'. Copy that merge field, you must be getting the record URL.
Ex: if you are selecting Account object, the field to be selected is Detail Link and your merge field will be {!Account.Link}

do visit the link for more help: 

Akash garg