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Laura GilLaura Gil 

How can send reports (like scheduling) only when certain criteria are fulfilled?

Hi all,
we've got the requirement to schedule a report when certain criteria in criteria are fulfilled.
For instance, there are 3 new records say in the object Car, and only when there are new records, a report should be sent automatically to a specific email address.
Is there a way to automate the sending of a report?
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Laura, 

You can't specify criteria's to get report delivered and notifications only when the criteria's met. Kindly review below Idea link and vote for this feature.



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Laura GilLaura Gil
Hi Vlnay,
Unfortunately I can not mark your comment as best as it doesn't help me further.
I just asked if there is a way to automate the sending of a report, a workaround. I think there is, but I thought there would be expert developers commenting my thread with suggestions.