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How is Dynamic Visibility used with Screen Flow?

Does anyone have further insights about the answer to this questiojn?
I made some research and I think the answer is using Dynamic visibility (option A). Any thoughts? 

The admin at Northern Trail Outfitters needs to allow users to submit attachments when creating a case. Case creation is currently using a screen flow. The amin has configured the screen flow to indicate attachments, but during testing, end users are saying they are getting attachments when they are not needed. They only want attachments when the case Type is IT Error.
How should the admin configure this requirement?

a. Use Dynamic visibility to show the attachment component when case type is IT Error
b. Create a second flow without attachments for when they are not required
c. Use a decision element and show a second screen that doesn’t allow attachments.
d. Create a validation rule that prevents attachments when case type is not IT Error