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priyanka jakkan 14priyanka jakkan 14 

numbering opportunity stage

We have requirement where we need to number the Opportunity Stage however this is specific to particular record type . Please provide insights on the same including both Configuration approch or custom approch , if anyone have previously worked on similar requirement. Help me with the pointers which needs to be taken care if we go with Custom approch.Thank you for help in advance .
SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Priyanka,

To number the Opportunity Stage for a specific record type in Salesforce, you can use Opportunity Record Types and Sales Processes. 

Configuration Approach:
-Create a new Opportunity Record Type for the specific record type you want to number the Opportunity Stage for.
-Create a new Sales Process for the new Opportunity Record Type.
-Modify the Opportunity Stage picklist for the new Sales Process to include the stages you want to number.
-Assign the new Opportunity Record Type to the specific record type you want to number the Opportunity Stage for.

Custom Approach:
-Create a new custom field on the Opportunity object to hold the stage number.
-Create a new Apex trigger to populate the stage number field with the appropriate number based on the stage value.
-Modify the Opportunity Stage picklist to include the stage values you want to number.
-Create a new Apex class to handle the numbering logic.
-Assign the new Apex trigger to the Opportunity object.


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priyanka jakkan 14priyanka jakkan 14
Thanks for responding Swetha . 
1. We have already using Sales Process however , below is the issue 
Opportunity Record Type 1 has stages , 
1.Enagage - > 2.Dsicovery - > 3.Presentation - > 4. Committed - > Closed (Only 4 stages are numberd out of 15 stages on Opportunity)

Opportunity Record Type 2 has stages ,
New -> Associate -> 2. Disocvery -> Presentation -> Closed ( Problem is here , out of only 1 Stage is appearing as numbered . We need this numbering only for Record Type 1 , for Record Type 2 it shouls show as only "Discovery")

I didn't really followed you approch 2 , could you please elaborate more