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Sunny Singh 39Sunny Singh 39 

Ready to Volunteer in Salesforce.com for Non profit Organizations

I have my Salesforce.com Certified Administrator credential, and would like to gain more experience in the field.

I would like to volunteer my time (20 hours a week) to help a non-profit with any Salesforce.com admin tasks.

I am located in the Fremont California (USA) region, but naturally, can work remotely with any English-language org.

Appreciate any leads or any direction you can give.


Sunny Singh
Hi Sunny,

There are a few sites you can search for pro bono projects. Here is a blog post that will give you a few resources along with some great information:


Good luck!
renu anamalla 3renu anamalla 3
Hi Sunny,

I can help to you? 

Issues send this mail id I will solve ur problems

Sisodia SaurabhSisodia Saurabh
Hi sunny,
Did u get any volunteer work? If yes then please let me know I am also interested in doing this. I can work as both admin/developer. I have done certification of both.

Saurabh Sisodia
Sunny Singh 39Sunny Singh 39
Yes I did but trust me it's not worthed
Narendra A 12Narendra A 12
I would like to volunteer for a non-profit to help them with Salesforce Admin or Salesforce development (APEX, VisualForce) related activities.

I am located in India.

Can you please point me to sites where I could find such opportunities? Please contact me at narendra@pebbletalk.com