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Jared NorrisJared Norris 

Getting two objects to communicate

I have two objects that I mainly use in my org. I would like to know if there is anyway to have the two communicate.
To make it easy, I'll use object A and B. Some examples of what I'm trying to do:
When A meets a particular criterai, create a new record in B auto-update some of the fields.
During the B approval process, send out an email template that refers to A fields.
absolutely this is possible either through declarative tools (like visual flow and/or process builder) or programmatically through a trigger. have you programmed before? If so, then check out the developer documentation or trailhead (https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/trail/force_com_dev_beginner <- look at the apex and trigger basics)

Check out the following links for creating a new records from a trigger:
http://womencodeheroes.com/2015/07/cooking-with-code-a-tasty-trigger-treat-apex-triggers/ (full disclosure this is my blog)