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Nicola BerryNicola Berry 

Logging into Trailhead

I've tried logging into Trailhead and it will allow me to log in but it won't let me undertake any challenges it keeps saying log into developer edition.  When I try to sign up again it says that I'm already logged in.  Please can someone tell me how to log into the developer edition.  Thank you.
Hi Nicola,

Try logging out from everywhere, trailhead, developer account, etc. Clear the cache and try again logging in. May be it will help you.

Erica GladueErica Gladue
I am also having the same problem.
Kristie GroteKristie Grote
I am having the same issue and I cleared the cache. 
Jessica Louttit 3Jessica Louttit 3
I have a different account to access Trail Head than I use for the exercises. Possible try having two separate ones.
Nicola Berry 6Nicola Berry 6
I have now logged in with a different email addressto my usual Salesforce login and that seems to be working so far!  So thanks everyone for your advice.
Chinmaya sahuChinmaya sahu