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Visual Force Pages

Hi Guys,

Anyone can explain ,
Basic s of the visual force pages and their attributes.
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Introducing VisualforceOver the past several years, Salesforce has created a comprehensive platform for building on-demand applications. Like other sophisticated application development platforms, the Force.com platform offers separate tools for defining:The structure of the data—that is, the data model
The rules that detail how that data can be manipulated—that is, the business logic
The layouts that specify how that data should be displayed—that is, the user interface

Please check below post. I hope that will help you
Vf page life cycle :-
Some tag
Message Class
Referencing a Static Resource in Visualforce Pages
<apex:SectionHeader >

Please let us know if this will help you
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Hi Amit Chaudhary, Thank you so much…… Its really useful for me.
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Hi Mecrin,

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