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Add QR code scanner in to VF

Hi Team,

I want to add a QR Code scanner in my custom visual force page. The page is already in salesforce1 app.
When I am choosing scan option from visual force page the camera will open and scan the qr code.
I tried with jsqrcode(javascript library). But In android phones to take new photo is not working.
Only showing file explorer to choose existing files. Could you please give me a proper solution to do that?
There is a very old post by Sandeep on Developer Forums on adding this feature, dont know if you already checked this out, but if not, I would suggest here to start.


You can also search for Barcode scanner on AppExchange and find some products.

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Hi Kartik,

I already checked out the post of sandeep. I have one quick question. If I install a QR Reader application from appExchange , Can I use the class or functions of that application to take the qr codes in my visual force page. Is that possible?
Well thats a tough one to answer, because it depends on the package and the provider. From my experience, they will not allow it, but if its a free one yeah maybe?
Also, have you tried open source JS based QR libraries to integrate with Salesforce? Maybe you can check this out