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Test class for database upsert


I created one class to upsert using databse,but it is only inserting new records in the object not updating
and the test class code coverage is 88% one line is not covering i.e   acc.sic = 'atlanta'; 
can anybody resolve this issue?

public class upsertAccount{
  public static List<Database.upsertResult> upsertAcc(){
    List<Account> acclist = [select id,name,Billingcity,sic from Account where Billingcity = '' ];
    for(Account acc:accList){
      acc.sic = 'atlanta';
    Account newAcc = new Account(name='Acme',Billingcity= 'San Fransicso');
    Schema.SObjectField schemaField = Account.Fields.SLASerialNumber__c;
List<Database.upsertResult> Results = Database.upsert(acclist ,schemaField ,false);
   return results ; 

Test class

public class testUpsertAccount{
  public static testmethod  void testDatabseupsert(){
  List<Database.upsertResult> results =  UpsertAccount.upsertAcc();
  for(Database.upsertResult result:results ){

Hi Rushi, You need to create test data before executing your test class. What you can do is create a method within your test class with annotation @testSetup and create test data or you can do it in your method before you call the UpsertAccount class.
Something like
public class testUpsertAccount{
  static void loadTestData() {
    // You can create test data here as well. In your case it will be account data without billingcity
  public static testmethod  void testDatabseupsert(){
     // Create test data here. Create some accounts
     List<Database.upsertResult> results =  UpsertAccount.upsertAcc();
     for(Database.upsertResult result:results ){