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Bruce Harris 4Bruce Harris 4 

Small tasks - developer required


I have few tasks regarding minor changes to different parts of our platform, such as adding some new fields, be it labels or inputs, customizing a report and few minor other things.

If someone is willing to do it and has few hours for it please let me know and let's make a deal.

Best regards
Gonzalo AlvaroGonzalo Alvaro
What 'few minor other things' could we be talking about? I can be your man.
Bruce Harris 4Bruce Harris 4
For example:
When mass emailing inside Salesforce, one must go to the Mass eMail Contacts link, then select Create New View.  From here I want to be able to filter the contacts we are emailing, by the Type, which is a field in the linked Account.

There are 5 or 6 tasks in total.

If you think you can handle it, give me an email address and I ll get in touch ASAP.
Gonzalo AlvaroGonzalo Alvaro
Contact me through elhombredeblanco@hotmail.com
Dinesh RDKDinesh RDK
Hi Bruce,

I am interested in working with you.
You can contact me @ +91 7092250910 
My email Id is rahuldinesh1991@gmail.com


G'day Bruce. From the context, it appears as though you need only a few hours of customization. If you're still looking for a solution and wish to discuss the extent of your requirements, please give me a shout.

Much obliged,

Jim Buchan, BP Sqn.
888-787-4CRM xtn. 120

Steve Rogers 9Steve Rogers 9
Hi Bruce,
I saw your post online and wanted to learn more about your requirements .
I represent a company called Saxon Global which is a US based company have a team of more than 50 SFDC developers in-house, including 38 who are Salesforce.com certified. Our expert team focuses on Implementation, customization, development and integration services on SFDC, offering U.S. customers 24/7 support.
Our pricing is very flexible and economical when compared to the competitors in the market . We have the right expertise and experience on Salesforce.com  to meet your requirement, we have around 360 consultants across united states and can help you fulfilling any positions in-house.
We have extensive experience and  have done many  projects, I can walk you through what we did.
Please reach me at steve.r@saxonglobal.com to discuss further.
 I would like to understand more about your requirement and will be glad to schedule a quick phone call with you to discuss further.
Look forward to talking with you,
Warm regards,
Steven Rogers
Business Development Manager

M-408-687-4770 | W (Main: (972-363-1009)  EXT : 138 |
www.saxon-global.com |  1320 Greenway Dr, Ste 660 Irving TX-75038