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Vijay M 19Vijay M 19 

Problem while completing the challenge in Data Management Module

Hi friends,
I faced aproblem while completing a challenge in " Data Management " module of " Admin Trail - Beginner " Trail Head.
The problem is : while completing the import data challenge, I am unable to map th eunmapped fields using the wizard.
In particular I am unable to see the " MAP " field after selecting the desired field. I tried it in both the Chrome and firefox browsers but no use.

Please clarify whether it is browser issue or not.
Anyhow I completed the challenge with a workaround.

Can you share the screenshot of the page where you are refering? I don't have any issue in mapping field using data import wizard in chrome browser

User-added image
Vijay M 19Vijay M 19
Error screenshot
Hi Vijay,

If you could scroll down you will find the contact fields and map the first three fields that show unmapped on your screen shot with the following way

Cell ------------ Contact: Mobile
FName ---------Contact:First Name
LName--------Contact:Last Name
Hey Vijay,
I had the same issue. I was not able to see the "MAP" button even if i scroll down to the end but when i switched my display to a bigger monitor, i was able to see it. something you might wanna try.
Vijay M 19Vijay M 19
Hi Leena,
Even I faced the same problem with screen while scrolling down.
I edited the XL and able to manage while mapping.
When I use data import wizard to complete this challenge, It throws me an error while mapping the contact fields, it asks me for the account required filed to be mapped.

But when I import the data through Import my accounts and contacts, then it didn't ask me for the requied field account .

Could someone please provide me some info why it didn't work through import wizard.