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Send all attachments in a record upon Submitting

Is it possible to somehow send an email which will contain all of the attachments which are in a record when a user kicks off the Approval Process ? I would like to have an Approver of a process receive all of the information of a record, including the attachments, so he can simply read the attachments from the email and eventually just approve the request from the email. 

Can this be done ? Without Apex ?

Anybody got any ideas ?
Why you need all those attachments in an email? It will cost you more if the attachment size is more, instead access the record information in a link, he can able to view all information inside the salesforce, if he is a mobile user then he can able to view all the details of the record in the salesforce1 mobile application in a single click. I'm afraid you can able to achieve without apex code
The reason I would want to do it is because some users aren't Salesforce licensed users.