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Can we have Assignment Rule for Custom Object

  Hi All,

I want to assign my Custom Records to some queues or users based on some Assignment Rule is it possible inside Salesforce.com,if not do we have some work around to achieve this.

Saurabh Rawane
You can't do that right now, but you can use workflow rules/field updates to achieve this effect today. If you're in Professional Edition, of course, that's not possible at all. Of course, you can only have 300 workflow rules per object, so you could never have more than 300 assignments. And, you wouldn't be able to turn on/off a set of rules (eg. like an assignment rule). Then again, in EE, you could make an S-Control to use automatic assignment when a user clicks a button. And eventually Apex will allow you to write your own custom-logic assignment rules.

~ sfdcfox ~
Just to clarify this point: There is absolutely no way for a custom app in Professional Edition to automatically assign custom objects to queues (or a similar structure) based on simple rules?
That is correct. It's currently impossible for custom objects to have assignment rules, as this feature only works on leads and cases. So, if you can't execute custom logic (eg. Workflow Rules), there is definately not a way to do this.