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Stock ticker on home tab? Super easy I hope...

I was wondering if there's a quick and easy way to throw a stock ticker on the left side of your home tab.
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I'm not sure if this is the problem, but did you click the "show html" checkbox before pasting in the code?



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It depends on how technical you are.

If you can find a stock ticker widget on the web that you like, then:

1.  Create a Home Page Component with nothing but an iframe to that widget.
2.  Add it to your Home Page Layout in the sidebar.
3.  Package it up and put it on the Appexchange so other people can use it.

The only problem I see is the "If you can find a stock ticker widget on the web that you like" part -- it doesn't seem like many companies offer a ticker widget in a format amenable to iframing.

Thought I'd respond to your post with an idea, even thought it has been a while since you posted.  Might help someone out who stumbles across your post.  I've added this functionality to several orgs - the quickest and simplest methods I used:


For the Left column I've found using a Yahoo! Finance Badge to be the easiest for sidebar real estate (although if you don't want Yahoo! branding, not the best solution.)




There are some limitations in respect to how much content you can include, but it does a fairly good job.  I opted for this version with charts & headlines - limits to 3 stocks, however.  They have 2 other versions that allow you to specify up to 10 stocks






You can also run a streaming ticker across either the R or L column.  I just did this recently using content from BarChart.com - here's the code I put into a home tab HTML area custom component.  Great thing is that you can very easily customize the indicies and stocks however you wish:



<applet id="TickerX" name="TickerX" code="Ticker.class" archive="Ticker.jar" codebase="http://java.barchart.com/ticker" height="40" width="100%">

<param name="panels" value="1">
<param name="1:symbols" value="'Indices,$NYS:NYSE Comp,$NASX:Nasdaq Comp,$DJX:DJIA,$SPX:S&amp;P 500,'Stocks,GS:Goldman Sacs,BAC:Bank of America,CRM:Salesforce.com">
<param name="1:scroll" value="-1, 50">
<param name="1:bgcolor" value="#000000">
<param name="1:fgcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="1:pscolor" value="#00CC00">
<param name="1:ngcolor" value="#FF3333">
<param name="1:hilight" value="#FFFF00">
<param name="1:font" value="Arial, Bold, 12">
<param name="1:multiline" value="true">

<script language="JavaScript">
var initDelay = 50;
var initDirection = -1; var curDelay = initDelay;
var curDirection = initDirection; function changeScroll(dir) {
if (dir == 0) { curDelay = 0; curDirection = 0; }
else if (dir == curDirection) curDelay -= 10;
else { curDirection = dir; curDelay = initDelay; }

if (curDelay < 5) curDelay = 5; var a = document.getElementById('TickerX');
if (a) { a.setScroll(1, curDirection, curDelay); } }

<a href="javascript&colon;changeScroll(-1);" style="text-decoration: none;">&lt;&lt;</a> •

<a href="javascript&colon;changeScroll(0);" style="text-decoration: none;">||</a> •

<a href="javascript&colon;changeScroll(1);" style="text-decoration: none;">&gt;&gt;</a>


<font style="font-family: Verdana,Helvetica,Sans-Serif;" size="1">
*click the arrows to speed up, slow down, or pause the ticker*





 These are the two sites I looked at for content:




The financials sends you code via email - it ended up in my spam and I ended up not using it.



I just tried to use the yahoo badge to get our stock ticket in the side bar of the home tab - however after the code has been placed in the custom home page component all that shows on the home object is the source code - not the actual badge.  How do we get the home page component to invoke the code to show the badge to the screen?



I'm not sure if this is the problem, but did you click the "show html" checkbox before pasting in the code?



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Homepage components is the way to go... I have done similar stuff for rss feeds, twitter feeds and facebook feeds. Here is the video of the final customization for the  feeds customization on home page . If you need any further help contact me at pradip@cm-focus.com