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HELP! Reference the "Assign To" Field on events

On the events detail page  we want to create a formula field -Labeled Group.
The formula states:  If Assigned To = "User Name" than Group =
Fairly simple, or at least we thought until I found SF doesn't allow you to reference the darn Assigned to Field :smileymad:
They also won't let you add another look-up field:smileysad:
I thought a work-around would be to 1st create a pre-populated field  ... Pass data from the Assigned To field to this Custom Field.  Then go back to my original plan of using a formula for my Group field.   
Will/Can this work?  If so, How do I do it?  Pass the data that is.  What would the string look like?  How do I find what they named the Assigned To field ?
I'm not a developer but if anyone could give me something to work off of I could probably figure it out
I humbly beg for assistance :smileywink:
Thank you kindly
AssignedTo is probably called owner in the formula fields editor.