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Outbound Messages (for WorkFlow)

-Is there a way to combine WSDL contracts for say Accounts AND another Object ->say Leads? 
When I say 'combine' I mean add another <ComplexType name = "Lead">   - Node to the Wsdl for each Object. 
That would be great since it would make it easier for setting up a single Listener instead of One Per / WSDL, and I could check the Type on my side.  The Exposed signature is basically the same [notifications] , it is just that the underlying Notifications.notification property (Field) are of the designated TYPE that the WSDL wizard generates. And my understanding is it can NOT change on SF's side, where the Message gets packed into SOAP and created.
I am coding using .Net on the Listener (Client side) and can not use overLoading on the 'notifications' Method on a WebMethod, since this is "boiler-plated by the WSDL Wizard.  Otherwise this would be easy to implement - I.e. have a seperate signature for each Type of Object - SObject.  Instead I a mstuck now having to Create (1) listener per Message. If this can not be done, then I rest my case and will start implementing seperate Listeners...
One way to think about it is that the WSDL is just the documentation for the exact format of the messages we're going to send out. As long as you handle messages of that format, it really doesn't matter how you got there. Use the WSDL, ignore it, XSLT 5 of them together into 1, we really don't care. (but if you're asking if salesforce has an option to stitch them together into a single WSDL, then the answer is no).

The basic listener class is pretty small, is it really that much of problem to have 5 classes with one method each, vs one class with 5 methods ?

Great news. 

The reason for my concern. and posting this was primarily due to the fact that when I did try to implement Multiple inheritance on the Listener side, .Net was choking. 

It is easy to do method overloading in a standard app., but it can not be done on a WebMethod.  I will go down the same road again, but plan on chkg. the TypeOf SObject of the Notifications.Notification when a message arrives.

Thanks SimonF.  Hey did you know your initials are the same as SalesForce?!... What a coincidence!