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Salesforce administrator able to edit fields


Can you help me please? I have a query about particualr fields which should only be editable by a certain group of users. I have set the field security to make the field read-only to everybody else but that group, but even if I select Salesforce Administrator to be Read-only, the Admin can still edit the field. There are a few administrators but none of these people should be able to edit the field. Can anybody help me with a solution to this please?

The best you can do is to create a new custom profile based on the System Administrator and remove some of the Admin features.  You probably just need to uncheck the Edit Read Only Fields checkbox.
These administrators have the Modify All Data permission, which is what it says, it allows you to Modify All Data.  You can create a custom admin profile that does not include Modify All Data but does include Customize Application.  That would allow them to perform setup tasks while disallowing them from modifying everything.
After create the custom admin profile, how can I change my user profile (System Administrator) to that please?
If you already are a user admin (i.e. you have Manage Users) then you can go to your own user record (Setup->Personal Setup->Personal Information) and set your profile.
I went to to that section but profile field is not editable... Only appears a link with the profile name "System Administrator" that goes to the profile details...
Then you'll have to have your Salesforce.com admin change your profile.
Ok, thanks! I wrote to salesforce.com admin and I hope they help me :)

We have only one System Admin license.


We don't want system admin to be able to modify data, only create users.Other business users can modify all data.


Even if we clone the System Admin profile, we cannot reassign the System. Admin user to this profile - Salesforce doesn' allow modifying the Profile setting of system admin.


We don't want to consume a user license with a cloned profile...



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