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WebToLead help

Good morning everyone,

I have a customer that has a web page that uses the WebToLead servlet.  It has been working for them but they are trying to add some fields to the page but aren't having much luck.  We need to know the field names expected by the servlet.

Is this outdated functionality?  I cannot find any info on it, other than a few posts in the forums that generally are asking how to do something like WebToLead in the API.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Doug Waterfield

Creating your own webtolead servlet/JSP/web page is fairly trivial - is the problem you are having that you can't find how to create the correct HTML for your page, or are you looking to implement webtolead yourself?

As it turns out, the customer figured out the solutions for themselves.  I wasn't aware that you could go and create your own HTML page in the Setup module.  The customer was trying to revise an existing HTML page by hand!  Since I hadn't dealt with WebToLead before I didn't know that there was a way to automatically generate one.

Sorry for the confusion,


Glad you got the solution!

Hi everyone,   

Doug you highlight here an interesting point that lots of Salesforce users might have already experienced.

Setting up the web-to-lead functionality in salseforce might be tricky sometimes, especially if you have complex online forms. The default Salesforce web-to-lead does not allow you to use your own existing webforms, instead you have to use the HTML code generated by Salesforce and paste it into your website. As a consequence using this generated form doesn’t give you a total control and you probably won’t get all the flexibility you could have had with your own forms.

My suggestion here, is to use the free FormVester for AppEchange, which does allow you to use your own existing webforms. No matter how complex your webforms are, FormVester will capture all the information and generate it as a new lead in Salesforce. The installation is extremely easy, and you will enjoy great flexibility and features that will surely leverage your web-to-lead efforts!

I hope my advice will help everyone that experiences web-to-lead activation issues with Salesforce. Find FormVester here

That *cannot* be correct. I have successfully posted data from http://web-sniffer.net/ to a WebToLead applet without issue, and anyway, think about it ... if your form fields are *identical* to the ones built by SalesForce, how can it possibly know you're not using their mark-up?


Answer: IT CAN'T.


You can have total control and you don't need to download anything. You simply need to mimick the posted data exactly as SalesForce is expecting it, and there are loads of ways to do that. =)

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