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How to implement Single Sign on Functionality

I want to implement Single Sign On functionality in my Org.
But dont know how to start and what are the pre requisites for it.
Can any one please suggest me what all the steps I need to follow.
What all the configurations and setup required?
Any pointers will be of great help.
Thanks in advance.
When you say "Single Sign On" you imply that there are multiple systems your users have to log on to, care to explain which other systems are involved?
See this article on the Wiki

Hi SimonF,

I work for RSA Security (I am assuming you atleast vaguely know what RSA does), and we want to develop SSO functionality into our product suite so that when we run into a common customer (common to Salesforce.com and RSA), we are able to save them time and money.

We have read the document "Home to Implement...". We think we have the technical pieces in place to start testing the adaptor.

We do need, however, to test the functionlity with some type of testing environment on Salesforce.com side.

1. In the document "How to Implement...", they say that we need to create a user with "Uses SSO" enabled. We dont know how to achieve this. Is this something someone has to do manually at Salesforce.com side? I tried to the profiles page, but this option is available (to me, anyway).

2. We will need to download the WSDLs related to this. I am assuming that once we have a user with SSO enabled, this will also be possible.

Any guidance in these areas will be appreciated.


Hello Simon,


I guess you already solved this.

however the answers to your questions are:

1. You need to contact support.

2. You're right. once you have a user with SSO enabled, this will also be possible.


a. Did RSA develop SSO functionality into our product suite?

b. Do you support two factor authentication with Salesforce?