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Roll-Up Summary Field Question

I need to create a roll-up summary field that looks at a date field on the Opportunity page.  I'd like to have the criteria read:  Show Closing Date greater than TODAY.

Unfortunately, it won't allow me to use TODAY.

Anyone know of a work around to this?

My goal is to find Accounts that do not have future opportunities.

Thank you.
It looks like Advanced Filtering is not availible on the Roll-Up Summary Field.
Could you do somthing like Closed = False?  just a thought.
Unfortunately, that won't work either.

We could have future opportunities that are Closed Won / Lost or Open.  I need to see opportunities (or the lack there of) no matter the stage.

Thank you!
Would there be anyway to set up a custom field check box in opportunites? You could set a workflow  that it turns your checkbox to = True when Today hits.

Then, when you do your roll-up you could rollup everything with the criteria where that new checkbox = true....
That is perfect!  That worked!

This is what I did:

  • Added a field called "Future Opportunity" to my Opportunity Page
  • Created a Workflow called "Future Opportunity - Greater or Equal to TODAY" with a filter that says "Show Closing Date greater or equal to TODAY"
  • Added a Field Update to check the box if True
  • Created a Workflow called "Future Opportunity 2 - Less than TODAY" with a filter that says "Show Closing Date less than TODAY" (to reverse those that have an incorrect day put in the system)
  • Added a Field Update to uncheck the box if False
  • Added a Field called "Number of Future Opportunities" to the Account Page which calculates the number of Future Opportunities
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
Glad it worked :smileyhappy: