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Force.com security and creating CP users

I have an unusual problem. I want to enable a customer portal account from a contact (straightforward normally). I discovered today that the 'Enable/Disable' buttons usually available in the page layout are not available for SF platform users. I already had some code which creates a customer portal account which I discovered works from the platform. So really it seems I'm just missing the buttons.


Now this wouldn't be so strange were it not for the fact that the API manual states you need 'Manage Users' permission and the online help states you need the 'Edit Self-Service Users' permission. The problem is, these permissions aren't available to select for a platform profile therefore you would assume that by default you couldn't create CP users. However, you can.


Having proven that it is possible to create a CP user, it seems that all that is missing are those buttons and to make clear that these permissions are switched on by default in platform.


My real problem is, I'm worried that since the documentation is conflicting, that I may have discovered a quirk in the SF platform security model and that I may not be able to rely on this feature remaining in future versions.


Can anyone help increase my trust in this feature?


Thanks all.