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Sforce Data Loader

I was surfing my RSS reader and found this entry in the Sforce blog about the Data Loader.

While I don't have a need for it at the moment something caught my eye:

"You can also consider using the Sforce Data Loader since it: ... Bypasses the writing to the recent items list"

Benji/Simon/Dave... Is this an Sforce 6.0 feature, or something undocumented in 5.0? (If the latter mind spilling the beans?

(Side Note: If it's an Sforce 6.0 feature it would help explain why it's not going to be released until Summer '05 is out, for those wondering that...)

Will be avail in Summer '05, we've been piloting it over the past couple months. Email me if you want to try it.

Will will also make it open source around the Summer '05 timeframe.

Bypassing the recent items list is something we plan to do across the board in 7.0, and let you use the current functionality (we update it) by passing up a header.
Can't find your email so posting here...
Please enable for our org's pre-release w/ my username (dmink@reside.biz)

Given the release is next, please just log a case for this, and we'll get it enabled for you next week