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Apex Classes Apex Triggers can be migrated through Data Loader???


I think Apex Classes/Triggers can be migrated through Data-Loader. Can Anyone please suggest me any idea regarding this? I have no idea at all.


If the answer is "yes" then please tell me how to do this? (CSV file preparation/Mapping etc etc). And my Last question will be should I require Test-classes for that too?


Thanks in advance.






I tried the same. But I was not able to succeed. Can anyone can help on this?




To migrate your classes, you will need to use Change Sets, the Force.com IDE, or the Force.com Migration Tool (for Apache Ant).  These tools all leverage the Metadata API, which is distinct from the Web Services (data) API.



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I know how to migrate code using Force Dot Com IDE. But then my question is why Data loader is having those options to Load Apex Classes and Triggers? There must be some ways to do it. Otherwise it is of no use from Data-Loader.


If anybody has any experience about how to use Data-Loader in case of Migration then please help me.


You cannot migrate Apex code via the Data Loader.  There are SObjects exposed for Apex classes and triggers but you cannot use them to modify your organization.  You should continue to use a Metadata API tool for creating or modifying Apex code.