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Can we hide home tab in force.com environment, if not can we rename this tab name?






As far as i know the Home Tab cannot be removed, renamed and must be the first tab in the custom app.


One way of doing it is, by creating a VF Page say "StartUp page" and assign it to a visualforce tab say "Startup".

Now go to "Apps" list and say you have a custom app say "Recruiting" click on it and you will land on it's detail page , there click "Edit" button where you have an option of selecting the "Dafault Landing Tab" in that list select "Startup".

Please be careful about the visibility of the "StartUp" tab to the requisite profiles.

Also you can try the following:-

Goto setup->AppSetup->Customize->Home->HomePageComponen ts.

Add a HTML Component there. this HTML Comp will contain your VF page in an Iframe.



<br><iframe src="/apex/yourVFPage?core.apexpages.devmode.url=1 " width="100%" frameborder="0" height="600px"></iframe><br>


Then comeback to the HomePageLayouts and hide the rest, just show the Custom Component you have created.


i have used a VF page to hold all the components to be shown and add that VF page onto the homepage components.  You see a video of the Portal customization i had done for one of our projects