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Tagging Last Account Contact Date based on Profile

I need to develop a way to tag the last date that a rep did something (activity, opportunity, etc) with an account and the last date that an account manager did something with an account (activity, case, etc).  Once the date is determined, there needs to be colors that correspond with the date <90 days, >90 days.  The color part is easy, it’s the  tagging of the date that’s the hard part.


Ideally, this would be two fields populated on the account record one being “Last Date Sales Exec” and the other being “Last Date Account Manager”.  


Problem:  There are multiple ways that a rep/account manager can touch an account within SF – via an activity, updating an opportunity/case, adding a note to an account, or even updating the account details with phone, fax etc.


Does anyone have any suggestions of ways to accomplish this?  Worst case scenario, I have to create this manually (in excel) based on data in SF but I would rather not. J


BTW – I have to have this completed before a Nov 12 meeting.