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Script files not in zip file for Advanced Programming Techniques for Cloud Computiong

Does anyone know where I can get the script files that are suppose to be in zip file used for the recruiting app referenced in the  Developer Guide - Advanced Programming Techniques for Cloud Computing.

Keith Larsen

This page contains a link to the ZIP file, which contains the files you need to use the Force.com Migration Tool to load the components and data for the book.  You can get to this page from the Code Share project, which I believe is mentioned in the book at the start of each chapter that requires a load.

Hope you enjoy the book.
Thanks.  I don't know why they don't point you there in the book.

Keith -

Welcome to The Facts of Life, book writin' style.  It took a month to print the book, and the final arrangements for loading the app for the various chapters were not finalized.  I had the choice between printing something that could be wrong immediately (if plans had to change) or later (if a file location changed, which happens), or simply pointing to an on-line resource.

Every chapter in the book includes a note to look at the Code Share project.  If the reader does this, they can find the files.

Sorry for the confusion.
Jerry TaylorJerry Taylor
I've got the same questions...
I came across a 2008 book called "Developer Guide - Advanced Programming Techniques for Cloud Computing." and I need the .zip files to complete the tutorial.  Can anyone help?
Jerry TaylorJerry Taylor
Specifically, I need "location.csv"