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Salesforce Mobile Installation


I want to try out the Salesforce Mobile (formerly Apex Mobile) product on my iPAQ device. I have followed the installation instructions, accepted the licence agreement and entered my salesforce.com user name and password (for a developer account).

I get the message "Your password has been sen to salesforce.com for verification" on my iPAQ screen, but then nothing happens.

Is there some setting I have to enable for this to work?

Any help appreciated.



Hi John,

I am having the very same problem with my Treo 700 and I was wondering if you had resolved the problem.  Everyone I spoke with has been no real help.

Any incite would be appreciated.


Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed

We used to get that message in very first login in mobile.  

If you have registered successfully, you will able to see your device details in Mobile administration – mobile users and devices.
And you able to see your device details in user detail page as well. If you have these details you are configured successfully and try to login in mobile. 
If you didn’t see these info in the specified place something wrong in the connectivity.