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Unable to find the project content node

Step 7: Edit Project Properties

When you created a custom object in the IDE, the project manifest was updated automatically, because the IDE was aware

that you created the object. In the previous step you created a new tab in the Web, and so the IDE didn't know of its existence.

So you need to change your project manifest to retrieve the tab. In the next step, you'll need to edit a profile, so right now

you'll edit your project manifest to retrieve the new tab you created and all profiles.

1. In the Package Explorer, right-click your project and choose Properties.

2. In the navigation tree, expand the Force.com node and click Project Content.


Here step 2 cannot be done because there is no node as Force.com in properties window.

arvin -

If you identified where this information came from, it would help.
Thanks for replying Ricky,
Actually iam trying out the tutorials from Forcedotcom_workbookv2.pdf in eclipse 3.2 IDE.
I have to edit the project manifest in order to retrieve the newly created tabs and profiles.
As per the tutorial 2, step 7 in Forcedotcom_workbookv2.pdf, it has to be done by right clicking
project folder in package explorer then
we get the project properties --> Force.com --> Project content.
My problem is i am not getting the Force.com node in the project properties.
Can u help me in getting that Force.com node or is there any other way to edit the project manifest
and retrieve the tabs and profiles. 

Message Edited by arvin on 12-02-2008 03:50 AM
arvin -

My guess is that you are not right clicking on the project.  I just tried to recreate the issue, and the Force.com node is there if you right click on the project name, but not if you right click on the src or another node in the Navigator.