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s-Controls -help

I know this is probably not the platform to ping for help on s-controls, but I get such a great response from the board that I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I would like to add an s-control to the Lead page layout, that does the following:
  1. LOGIC: If a column in the lead record has anything but NULL value, display result, otherwise display nothing.
  2. RESULT: I would like it to display a link (example: "This individual exists as a contact, click here to merge"), passing in the same column from the lead record, (which happens to be a contact ID) and do 1 of 2 things.
    1. Link to the SF Interface for merging records (pasing the lead id and the contact id)
    2. Link to my website where I can write a simple application to merge the records and return them to salesforce.
Can this be done?  Can someone help me down the right path to figure this out?

Thank you.
I'd guess you can do that with a forumula field (see the HYPERLINK function), you might not even need an scontrol.
Greg HGreg H
I think you could accomplish the hyperlink using a formula along the lines of...Code:
IF(OR(ISNULL(SFDC_CONTACT_ID__c),SFDC_CONTACT_ID__c=""),IMAGE("/s.gif"," "), HYPERLINK("https://www.yourdomain.com/—contactId="&SFDC_CONTACT_ID&"&leadId="&SFDC_LEAD_ID, "Click here to merge...","_blank"))

But the real issue is going to be merging a lead and a contact.  I don't think you can do it until after the lead has been converted.