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How to get current record id?

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I have one object called 'Site' and other object 'Payment' which is related list to the object 'Site'. On 'payment' related list i created one button 'Sum', up on clicking the 'sum' button i need to calculate sum of all payments where siteid=current site id. Here how should i get current siteid? My custom button(sum) is on 'payment' object. Please any one help me..





Another idea, if there's a Master-detail between Site and Payment, where Site is the Master, you can use a Roll-up Summary field to calculate this data. Create it on the Site object and it will calculate the desired Payment field.


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Thanks for ur reply.


There is no master-details relation ship between site & payment. Only look up relation is available.


Any other idea plz......

If you're on the Payment page and you want to get the value of the site lookup, use a merge field.  It will probably look something like {!Payment__c.Site__c}, but use the button builder to help you insert the field to ensure that it's correct.