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Link to report repeats tabs

I have created a link on the Home page to a report for easy access, e.g. https://na1.salesforce.com/000111222333444. I would like to open the report in the salesforce window w/o sidebars just as if the users had executed the report the standard way. However, doing so repeats the tabs etc. and basically I now have two instances running.

I remember somewhere I saw a posting about this but haven't been able to find it again and cannot remember what the resolution (if any) was.

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Found this in the BLOG page......

How to Web Link into a Salesforce Page

If you want a Web Link to link into a Salesforce page and not popup, it can be difficult. You end up with two sets of tabs (an entire second set inside of the frame).

There is a way around this, although it's not that intuitive. 

1) Create an scontrol that links to your WIL. The scontrol looks like this: 

<script type="text/javascript">



2) Create a WIL that leverages this scontrol.

The key is the window.parent.parent.location, which will take over the entire screen with your new link.