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Unique records help...

I would like to know if it's possible to guarantee the uniqueness of a lead in SalesForce. I need to use something like SSN as the key. The situation is as follows: A user expresses interest in a car loan and provides his/her SSN to see if they qualify for a special rate. This lead would be inserted into SForce via "Web2Lead". If they qualify, I would then send them to a custom page that would extract their info from SF and update it with additional information (credit app fields). Obviously I only want to create one application per SSN so I have to be sure it's unique.

Has anyone done anything like this or have an idea as to how it can be done.

The "if they qualify" part, is that happening instantly? Or is there somebody in the background running a credit check and you send them a link with the application later? If the latter, you could use the saleforce Lead ID to then extract, display and update information on this custom page.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, we send them a link after we pull a credit check. Also on the "Web2Lead" I would want to search for a duplicate based on SSN and update the record if it exists or insert it if it is new.
Looks like you might be able to use Upsert and External IDs, but these won't be exposed until winter release (API 7.0)

Try TurboWeb2Lead http://www.market2lead.com/m2l_salesforce.html. They handle duplication among several aspects of response management.

-- Jennifer