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ContentTypes corrupted/duplicated

I had hoped to answer my own question on this but it looks less than promising as I cannot effectively troubleshoot with the tools available to Content developers.  I've created various ContentTypes in the past.  Before Summer '10, we had no problems with using polymorphic ContentTypes to allow for programmatic upload and association of Content to Custom Objects.  Coinciding with the Summer '10 release, we attempted to clean-up our 'Template' for Content (the General content type). 


It seems like our page layout assignment mapping to Content record types may have been compromised as part of that clean-up.  Unfortunately, ContentVersion does not have the same ability to look at Page Layout Assignments nor the same basic ability to manage record types (you cannot delete a ContentType once it has been 'assigned').  So what I've got is that new ContentTypes are all getting the page layout of the base type (which appears duplicated in the list of selectable ContentTypes in our Workspaces as 'General Document(Template)').


Duplicated Content Types


Anybody encounter this before?  thanks