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Insufficient User Privileges

 I have two users with exactly the same Profile and Group assigned, but one user is able to edit Activities in an Account and the other is given a message stating they have insufficient user privileges.

Does anyone know why this would happen and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ya


I had the same issue with our org and I managed to solve it by doing the steps below. It is worth considering we have a very transparent security model, but it may be worth considering the implication on your individual model and trying in sandbox first to make sure.



Setup >>> Administraion Setp >>> Sharing >>> Default Sharing Setting


1) - Check activities are set to controlled by parent

2) - Check the accounts are "read/write" and not "read only" as they were for me


If I have misread left me know. I have assumed the following


A) - The user that can edit created the activity

B) - The account is owned by the user that can edit the activity

C) - The user that can't edit is falling foul of the orgs default private sharing setting

D) - It is the same profile and not a clone running along side the original


hope that helps


Have you checked the roles? Depending on your sharing settings, roles can control the level of visibility that users have into your organization’s data. Users at any given role level can view, edit, and report on all data owned by or shared with users below them in the hierarchy, unless your organization’s sharing model for an object specifies otherwise. Specifically, in the Organization-Wide Defaults related list, if the Grant Access Using Hierarchies option is disabled for a custom object, only the record owner and users granted access by the organization-wide defaults receive access to the object's records.


Hope this helps.