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Salesforce.com and Force.com Editions Price and Advantages of Salesforce.com and Force.com

Hi , 

        We want to buy Cloud Platform .

1. Which is best Force.com or Salesforce.com?

2. Difference between Force.com or Salesforce.com?

3. Salesforce.com Edition price depends on on developers or Client users?

4. Our Requirement is to Create Only Dashboard in Salesforce.com for our .Net Projects. so which one should we             choose force.com or salesforce?.  


Hi Kathir,


1. Force.com is for a standalone app. Salesforce.com ist what you would call the whole CRM stuff.

2. See 1.

3. Client users. You get free developing editions

4. Then you would go with a "Free Force.com Edition". Put your data in there and run your Dashboards.