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Split Opportunity with products



Our sales team has multiple reps (upto 4) working on the same opportunity at a time.  What's the best way to split the opportunity amount amongst the four reps without adversly affecting:

Reporting - each sales rep should be able to run their own sales revenue report.

Forecasting - the executive team should be able to run a sales revenue report without double or tripple counting amount values.

Products - Schedules should be associated with the opportunity in a way to allow for spliting of the associated revenue based on a split %.

Future integrations - Integrations with other web services, like incentive calculation for sales rep, should not be adversely impacted by the solution implemented.  In other words, we should be able to send over unique Opportunities without an issue.


Are there any suggestions or recommendations for solutions to this Split Opportunity question?




PS - I'm posting after having opened a support ticket and reviewed the idea for split opty's on ideas.


We can now have this functionality using opportunity splits functionality.