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Session Fails during Data Extraction using Informatica 8.1.1 with Salesforce Adapter

Issue Details:

1. When I'm extracting the data from the SFDC object(task) using Informatica, my Session fails after extracting 245824 records.(Task Object).

2. Earlier I didn't get this error. When I run the same mapping before 2 days It was ran successfully, since last two days i'm getting this error. I haven't done any modification in my mapping, I just run the same mapping before and now.

3. Even when I'm trying to extract the data by removing all the transformations and putting filter transformation for the false condition in the mapping, then also my session getting failed after extracting 245824 records(Task Object).

4. I'm not getting these type of errors from other SFDC objects.

Errors Messages:

1. 2007-12-12 16:48:08 : ERROR : (15971 | READER_1_1_1) : (IS | PCIS_HP210) : Node_HP210 : SFDC_31103 : [FATAL] QueryMore failed. User [dubeys@dnb.com]. SOSQL [Select Id, WhatId, Subject, ActivityDate, OwnerId, Usage_Period__c From Task]. Query Batch Index [123]. Fault code []. Reason [].

2. 2007-12-12 16:48:08 : ERROR : (15971 | READER_1_1_1) : (IS | PCIS_HP210) : Node_HP210 : SDKS_38200 : Partition-level [SQ_Shortcut_to_Task]: Plug-in #310600 failed in run().


I'm not able to find any solution for this

It would be helpful to obtain the error that is returned on the failed queryMore operation.  I see in the first error that the fault code and reason are not shown.  Capturing the soap response before it reaches informatica would be the most reliable way to determine the cause.
Alex LazicAlex Lazic

You might be expecting issue with the timeouts (note that between the Informatica adapter and Salesforce.com endpoint there might be one or more network devices that might have opinion on their own how long should be the timeout of the session).


You can try one of the following workarounds: If you using a joiner transformation set Salesforce.com data flow to be master side of the relationship. Alternatively, insert a sorter transformation immediately after the Application Source Qualifier (you can use distinct option if you wish).


In each of the cases, you will be forcing Informatica to download the entire data stream from Salesforce.com before it continues processing. This will reduce any delays between QueryMore API calls.


This is important as, depending on your mapping, Salesfrce.com reader can start emitting data until certain point where one of your transformation requires initialization (such as building of lookup cache, master side of the join, etc. ). During that period, your SSL connection might time-out (say due to a network device that decides to close your SSL connection). After the interruption, when Informatica resumes with data flow from the reader, you would typically receive this error.


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When I am extracting the data from the SFDC object(case,task,email) using Informatica, my Session fails.

Errors Messages:

Severity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code Message
ERROR 3/30/2009 9:46:53 AM node01_bdhp4423 READER_1_1_1 SFDC_31103 [FATAL] QueryMore failed. User [argusfeed@pg.com]. SOSQL [Select Id, IsDeleted, CaseNumber, ContactId, AccountId, Type, RecordTypeId, Status, Reason, Origin, Priority, IsClosed, ClosedDate, IsEscalated, HasCommentsUnreadByOwner, HasSelfServiceComments, CurrencyIsoCode, OwnerId, CreatedDate, CreatedById, LastModifiedDate, LastModifiedById, SystemModstamp, Person_Reporting__c, Country__c, Language__c, Consumer_Name__c, Direction__c, Brand__c, NOT_HANDLED__c, Summary__c, Segment__c, Email__c, Phone__c, First_Name__c, Last_Name__c, Repeater_Contact_Associated__c, Postal_Code__c, Contact_Center__c, Current_Queue__c, Integration_Flag__c, RNIncidentId__c, Secondary_Contact__c, Tiertiary_Contact__c, Medical_Affairs_Review__c, Secondary_Account__c, Tertiary_Account__c, Receive_Date__c, Province__c, City__c, Locked_from_Editing__c, Emea_Brand__c, Emea_Segment__c, Amer_Brand__c, Amer_Segment__c, Case_Re_directed__c, Email_MessageId_Insert__c, Queue_Changed__c, Queue_Change_Date__c, Prefix_Sal__c, Contact_Center_Dummy__c, Ceemea_Brand__c, Ceemea_Segment__c, T_Summary__c From Case Where (LastModifiedDate >= 2009-03-27T19:29:53Z)]. Query Batch Index [2]. Fault code [sf:INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR]. Reason [INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR: invalid query locator].

I found the same error message "INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR" in all the mappings. I don't know what cause this issue but I don't have joiner or any other complex transformation in any of my mappings.

Please let me know asap!

Try checking your  Application Connection once again. Are you using the correct one ??

 And also use Sorter or infact any active transformation, soone after the App Source Qualifier.