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Look up custom field id in form at runtime

Hi All,


Firstly, I know this question has been asked previously here. But the suggested solution isn't working for me.



I am trying to create a sample Web-2-Lead form and include it as a VF page in a Package. The problem is that the ID's used for the custom Lead fields are different between organisations. And the custom fields in the W2L field reference those ID's directly. eg:


TestCustomField1:<input  id="00NA00000046zKY" maxlength="20" name="00NA00000046zKY" size="20" type="text" /><br />


It was suggested in the thread above that these ID's would automatically be updated to match the new Field ID's when the package was installed into a new Org. However this didn't work for me.


So again I ask the question, is it possible to retrieve the ID of a field programatically, in Apex or VF? I have looked at the SObjectField and DescribeFieldResult classes, but neither exposes the ID.


Thanks in advance for any help.