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Changing Related List Label

Hi all,
I am new to SalesForce.com and would like to know how can I change the label of a related list?

For example,
I was creating a master-detail field for the object Job Posting, when it reached the step where I need to specify the label, I saved it as "Job Posting". But later on I find that I was wrong and would like to change it to something else.

Thank you in advance.

Go back in Setup to the object where you created the Master-Detail field. If you edit this field, you'll see under Master-Detail Options an area where you can change the Related List Label.

Hope that helps,


CRM JediCRM Jedi
Thank you Sati, your advice solved my problem :).

Do you have any idea how to change the related list label of Partners in the account object?


i would like to keep the label for opportunity as - Partners

I would like to change the label for Account to - Dispatched opportunities


Hi Ventorero,
       Can u explain it a bit more clear.? As Shillyer said,We have option to change related list label if we edit that relationship field.
Go through an example in the link given below for more clarity