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Reporting on Custom Object + Accounts + Contacts

I am trying to run reports on a custom object I created (called Securities) and Accounts and Contacts.  I created a master-detail relationship between Accounts and Securities.

For example, an Account - Microsoft - would be linked to Security MSFT (and other securities that Microsoft might have).

I would like to run a report where based on a filter of a security (e.g. symbol starts with 'A'), I receive the accounts associated with that security and the contacts associated with that account.

I have contacted salesforce support and they say there is not way to do this in the salesforce reporting tool ( the create report tool will not allow the correct joins to be created).

This seems like a straight-forward enough report between 3 objects that are related. 

Any ideas as to how to create such a report? I am open to any and all suggestions.  Is there an app exchange app that will help me here?
Take a look at Custom Report Types.
Hope that helps,
yes - I have exhausted the custom report types option - they will not let me create this type of relationship

Have you tried using Connect for Office's Excel add-in? Then you can create your report in Excel. In my last job I did that a lot because I had similar problems when it came to linking tables.

Wait a minute -- have you tried actually just making a report like this?  Usually when you have two objects linked under an Account, you'll see that there's a report type that's autogenerated that contains both.  So when you press the Create New Custom Report button on the reports tab and you select a type of Contacts & Accounts, you'll see something like:

Contacts & Accounts with Securities

Are you not seeing that?
I am seeing that but it is only giving me contacts that are directly linked to the security - it is not giving me contacts associated to the account that is associated to the security
Is that the name of the plugin?  Where can I find it?

Thanks for your help

You can get the Force.com Excel Connector here:


Take a look at the help after you install, it has some great examples to help you build your report.



It should be under: Setup | Desktop Integration | Connect for Office.
Tara Allman 8Tara Allman 8
Update on Shilyer's earlier resource: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=reports_defining_report_types.htm&type=5