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Mobile Development

Hey all,


Is there some sort of guide (non Visualforce) for mobile development?  As in figuring out how to override standard mobile functionality as one would in Salesforce?


There are a few things I want to do using the mobile app, but I'm having a very difficult time customizing it, since there doesn't seem to be a standard override.


For instance, I have multiple visualforce pages overriding a Custom Object.  They all work great in salesforce, but when I put the Custom Object as part of the mobile app, these pages are no longer overridden.  (On iPhone iOS 4.2, clicking the + icon next to a new Custom Object (instantiating Object.new) takes me to the standard 1 column display, unlike the Visualforce page that overrides it. 


Is there an API or developer's guide out there that I could get my hands on?  (Does one even exist??)


Thanks for your reply, but the implementation guide isn't exactly what I'm looking for. 

I'm looking for an API or Developer's guide so I can manipulate the standard mobile app, not just configure through the mobile administration.  I was wondering if there were anything out there (that's not the visualforce developer's guide) for reference.