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System Status Page - http://trust.salesforce.com/

A new, publicly available, system status page is now available.


Feedback is welcome.

Could you also calculate and display "Length of Time System was Down"?
This is a good start.

(Calling it "trust" is also interesting Marketing. Not sure it's good, especially when you do get some outages (which are inevitable) and people look and say "ah, we can't trust Salesforce today". But, I digress... :-) )

I think that this page as you have it gives a current "snapshot" of status, but it doesn't give you a "feel" for the status of the system. Just having a green light tells me that transactions are making it through, but, if you were to display Transactions per Minute or Hour, that would give me a better idea of the health of the system as opposed to a simple Alive/Dead flag. (You'd want to also post some average load stats as well so that we don't look at it on a Sunday and think the system is slowing down just because the customer load volume is reduced.)

Also, Didn't someone at Salesforce say that almost 50% of the load is coming in through the API? I don't think it's the case where all interruptions to the API are also interrupts to the main servers, but they still hit half the customer base... and, more importantly, me. :-) So, would it also be good to show status for na1-api, or are you rolling those in together or am I wrong and it's the same servers?

Also, the labels might be confusing. It doesn't cost too many extra bytes to spell out "Asia Pacific", "North America", etc. Legends are always helpful. For example, is SSL Secure Sockets Layer, or some other geographic identifier I'm not familiar with? (which might address my api issue above?)

Also, I'd like to hover my mouse over any red dot and see the length of the outage.

Lastly, could you display running uptime percentages for the last two-years, one-year, six-months, and 1-month?

Hey, you asked for feedback! :-) Thanks, Steve Bower.
Thanks Steve - I appreciate the feedback.

FWIW you can click on the red dot (although not hover) to get the cause and duration of an incident.
Cool, Thanks.

Consider adding a mouseover effect for those of us who don't always have the status bar turned on. :-)

-Steve Bower