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Join two standard objects (cases and contracts)

I understand there is a rule that you cannot establish a relationship between two standard objects (lookup or master-detail). Is there a way to get around this rule? The use case would be:

When a customer calls in for support a technical support engineer will check if the customer has a valid service contract. The support engineer will do a lookup against the account and attached the contract to the case.


I guess you could explore the possibilities of using a "third" custom object, that has a lookup relationship with the other two. It's a solution for many-to-many but could be used as a one-to-many.

Both Contracts and Cases could then have related lists that show the "third" object, which would give links to the original objects by name...


Thanks, that seems to have done the job.  I now have a third object named service coverage as a related list on the case object.

Unfortunately the case related list doesn't allow me to display all the fields from the contract object. For example, I would want to display contract id, start date, end date, etc...