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Uploading Translations (Translation Workbench values) in Bulk

Hello Friends,

This might seem a weird requirement, but I am kinda bugged big time:(

I have to enter the transaltions for a large no of labels/custom fields/picklists values into the translation workbench. As of now I am entering them manually, one at a time, from the UI.

Obviously, this would take me ages to complete the task as i would have 100's of values to enter. So, i tried looking for a bulk upload option using the data loader, but could'nt find any!

Does anyone know of any way, I could acheive this bulk upload? Would save my life for sure :D

Many Thanks,


John De SantiagoJohn De Santiago

You can use the Force.com IDE to set the translated labels. When you download the meta-data for the translation you are working on you can get access to the XML. It is much faster to modify the xml file that it would to go through the web interface.


As a tip create an entry in each of the languages you want to translate so you can see the format and then you can just start adding field label translations. 


We've actually written a guide to help with doing this through the meta data api.  Localizing with the Force.com IDE.  It can be found here:




We are working on a feature to allow easy import and export of a key/value pair file from the user interface to do this work.  Stay tuned.


Thanks John and Shawna!

This certainly helps;)


ashok gonuashok gonu

The above links are no longer available ,can someone please point to the correct URL.